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Airport – Portfolio

We helped a startup company successfully develop, launch, and maintain a digital personal journey app for a major European airport.

My Role

The Company was looking for a mobile personal journey manager that provides important information about your trip with everything from which train one should take to the airport, gate information, flight updates, baggage carousel details, and much more.

The app also offers an interactive map for all terminals with details to all airport shops and facilities. The My flight pages keep track of travelers’ upcoming flights and give useful information on the destinations like weather, transportation, and much more.


  • Live Flight Tracking, Status, and Updates Including Gate and Luggage Carousel Information
  • Interactive Maps for Shops and Restaurants for All Terminals
  • Travel Planning to and From the Airport
  • Security Guides and Information on What You Can Bring on Board
  • City Guide With Useful Information and Weather Forecast
  • Information on Internet Access, Reserve Parking, Smoking Areas and Emergencies
  • Share Flight Details via Email, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Access to Heathrow’s Live Twitter Page Where Useful Information is Posted, Especially During Bad Weather Conditions
  • Indoor Navigation
  • Beacons in Each Terminal for Tracking Passenger Routes
  • Rewards for Loyalty Offerings
  • Wearable for Easy Push Notification
  • Live Transport Updates to and From the Airport