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Bramble gives you everything you need to create and customize your own virtual space for every kind of social gathering online.


Circle helps businesses and developers harness the power of digital dollar stablecoins for payments and internet commerce worldwide.

defi metaverse

Cosmos is an ever-expanding ecosystem of interoperable and sovereign blockchain apps and services, built for a decentralized future.

metaverse-for-developers nft-platform metaverse nft research-development

Create, explore and trade in the first-ever virtual world owned by its users.

metaverse nft-platform nft research-development

Fleek is a suite of tools with everything you need to build modern sites and apps on the Open Web and its protocols seamlessly.

metaverse-for-developers web3 metaverse

Centered around fully customizable spaces, Gather makes spending time with your communities just as easy as real life.


Kusama is a scalable multi-chain network for radical innovation and early stage Polkadot deployments. Expect Chaos. No promises.

metaverse-for-developers nft-platform metaverse nft research-development

MakersPlace is the premier market to discover, collect and invest in truly rare and authentic digital artworks, by the world’s leading artists and creators. Creators on MakersPlace are able to protect and sell their works to a rapidly growing community of thousands of digital creatives and collectors.

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Make and sell pixel art NFTs in seconds

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Opensea.ionft research-development

Your Orbital space is always ready. Pop in for meetings, quick chats, open-door office hours, or cowork together through the day – all at the same link.


Polkadot empowers blockchain networks to work together under the protection of shared security.

metaverse-for-developers web3 metaverse
Rally.ionft-platform nft research-development

Create and sell digital collectibles secured with blockchain

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Rplanet.ionft-staking nft research-development
Sandbox.gamemetaverse nft research-development

Sensorium Galaxy brings real-life experiences into a digital metaverse — a shared 3D virtual space for everyone to enjoy. Get together, join high-quality shows, and play immersive games in a safe, affordable, and global space.


NOWHERE lets your passionate community connect face-to-face in unforgettable 3D worlds on a browser. Share amplified performances, content streaming, and virtual networking in the metaverse.

metaverse NFT BlockChain

The Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is the safest and most convenient way to create, buy, sell, and trade virtual items – to anyone, anywhere in the world.

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