Alternatives to

1. Albert AI: Albert AI provides natural language processing tools that can be used to improve and optimize search experiences. Pros: Andrew AI is open source and provides an interactive data exploration platform as well as natural language processing tools, machine learning capabilities and API access. Cons: Albert AI does not provide a managed solution, its tools are focused on natural language processing only and its machine learning capabilities are still limited.

2. Clarifai: Clarifai provides end-to-end visual AI solutions. Pros: Clarifai has a powerful image recognition engine and provides a variety of different services including video recognition, object tracking and facial recognition. Additionally, Clarifai offers API access and does not require any programming experience. Cons: Clarifai is not open source and its services are often more expensive than that of other visual AI solutions.

3. IBM Watson: IBM Watson is an AI platform that provides a variety of services including predictive analytics, natural language processing, and machine learning. Pros: IBM Watson offers several APIs that are easy to use and its services are quite powerful. Cons: IBM Watson can be expensive compared to some of the other AI solutions and its services are limited when it comes to natural language processing and machine learning.