Alternatives to

Alternative solutions to include:

1. Apache Lucene/Solr: Apache Lucene/Solr is an open source search engine and platform that provides excellent full text search capabilities. Pros: Apache Lucene/Solr is a highly reliable open source alternative with good performance and scalability. It is easy to customize/extend. Cons: Difficult to setup. Requires expertise to maximize performance.

2. Splunk: Splunk is an enterprise-grade search-based platform for data analytics, security and operations. Pros: Splunk is highly scalable and provides real-time visibility across the organization. Easy for administrators to setup and use. Cons: Expensive. Limited customization options.

3. Apache SolrCloud: Apache SolrCloud is a distributed search engine from Apache. Pros: SolrCloud has built in fault tolerance, scalability and high availability features. No single point of failure. Easy to deploy. Cons: Resource intensive. Difficult to debug and maintain.

4. pg_search: pg_search is a full text search algorithm for PostgreSQL. Pros: Highly customizable. Good performance on large datasets. Easy to configure. Cons: Cannot be used for large-scale applications due to limited scalability. Limited queries and search options.