Alternatives to

1. Microsoft Azure ( Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform with a host of services, such as storage, analytics, networking, and more. Pros: Wide selection of offerings, powerful yet easy-to-use interface, low cost, enterprise-grade security features. Cons: Limited third-party integrations, more difficult integration of systems, no comprehensive free tier.

2. Amazon Web Services ( Amazon Web Services is a leading cloud service provider offering database services, analytics, storage, and more. Pros: Easy scalability, effective tools, reliability, and high security. Cons: Pricing can be expensive for certain services, steep learning curve, limited support options.

3. Google Cloud Platform ( Google Cloud Platform provides a comprehensive suite of cloud services and tools, from storage to analytical tools. Pros: Easy scalability, robust tools, wide range of services, intuitive user interface. Cons: Pricing can be expensive depending on services, slower response times than other providers, some services require expertise.