Alternatives to

1. Splunk Cloud: Splunk Cloud is an enterprise cloud solution that enables users to programmatically collect, index, and analyze data from any secure source in real-time. It provides the same features and capabilities as, but Splunk Cloud has a more extensive list of features and specialized solutions for scaling and managing enterprise data. Pros: Highly secure environment, reliable and fast performance, easy scalability, preconfigured available enterprise-level solutions. Cons: Expensive pricing plans, limited customization options.

2. Graylog: Graylog is an open-source log management platform that enables users to ingest, manage, and visualize log data from multiple sources. Pros: Open source, customizable through plugins, scalability, real-time analytics capabilities. Cons: Can be difficult to use if you don’t have programming knowledge, requires extensive setup and maintenance.

3. Elastic Stack: Elastic Stack is a collection of products that helps users store, search, analyze, and visualize data from any source. Pros: Supports a wide range of data sources, high scalability, versatility. Cons: Learning curve, can be difficult for non-technical users.