Alternatives to

1. SolarWinds Log & Event Manager: SolarWinds is a known leader in IT infrastructure monitoring, and their Log & Event Manager is a comprehensive log management solution. It includes real-time alerting and log collection from all types of systems, applications, and networks. Pros: Variety of features, strong analytics, multi-level management. Cons: User interface is outdated and complex.

2. Splunk: This is another popular log management solution. It uses machine learning to identify patterns and detect anomalies with alerts. It can also quickly extract data to generate insights. Pros: Easy to set up, reasonable cost, secure storage. Cons: Limited analytics and reporting capabilities.

3. Sumo Logic: This cloud-based platform is a great option for managing logs. It is designed to help users analyze and gain insights from all data sources. Pros: Advanced search features, wide range of supported data sources, visual dashboard. Cons: Can be difficult to set up and requires a steep learning curve.