FAQ – https://Logz.io

Q1: What is Logz.io?
A1: Logz.io is a cloud-based log management platform that provides holistic visibility and insights into your infrastructure and applications.

Q2: What features does Logz.io provide?
A2: Logz.io provides log aggregation, analytics, visualization, alerting and reporting features for organizations of all sizes.

Q3: Does Logz.io support multiple data sources?
A3: Yes, Logz.io has the ability to ingest data from multiple sources including text and binary logs as well as SaaS applications such as AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.

Q4: What languages does Logz.io support?
A4: Logz.io supports a variety of languages such as Apache, Linux, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python and more.

Q5: What security measures does Logz.io provide?
A5: Logz.io provides comprehensive security features including encryption at rest, authentication, authorization, and audit logging.

Q6: Does Logz.io have an API?
A6: Yes, Logz.io has a comprehensive API that can be used for managing log data and creating custom integrations.

Q7: What kind of data insights can I get from Logz.io?
A7: Logz.io provides insights into your infrastructure and applications, allowing you to quickly pinpoint issues and optimize performance.

Q8: Does Logz.io offer a free trial?
A8: Yes, Logz.io offers a free 14-day trial to help users evaluate the platform before they decide to purchase a subscription.

Q9: What kind of customer support does Logz.io provide?
A9: Logz.io provides 24/7 support via phone, email, and live chat.

Q10: How scalable is Logz.io?
A10: Logz.io is highly scalable, able to seamlessly scale up or down according to the needs of your organization.