FAQ – https://Logz.io

1. What is Logz.io?
Answer: Logz.io is a cloud-based centralized logging and analytics platform that helps DevOps teams to monitor and troubleshoot their production environment in real-time, to detect issues quickly and secure their applications, services, and infrastructure.

2. What services does Logz.io provide?
Answer: Logz.io provides services such as log collection, analysis, and visualization, real-time alerting, anomaly detection, predictive analytics, and more.

3. Is Logz.io free?
Answer: Logz.io offers a free trial and various pricing plans for businesses of all sizes.

4. How does Logz.io collect logs?
Answer: Logz.io collects logs through its LogOps agent for ingest, via a log shipper, upload, or streaming API.

5. How does Logz.io secure my data?
Answer: Logz.io takes the security of your data very seriously. All data is encrypted while in transit and at rest, and authentication is required for every user who accesses your account.

6. Does Logz.io support elasticsearch?
Answer: Yes, Logz.io uses and has integrated support for elasticsearch for improved search and analytics capabilities.

7. What languages does Logz.io support?
Answer: Logz.io supports many popular programming languages, including Java, Ruby, Python, Node.js, and Golang.

8. Will Logz.io help me analyze my log data?
Answer: Yes, Logz.io provides a powerful suite of analytics tools for understanding and analyzing your log data.

9. How can I monitor application performance with Logz.io?
Answer: Logz.io provides advanced monitoring capabilities that enable you to understand and monitor application performance and identify issues quickly.

10. Does Logz.io offer customer support?
Answer: Yes, Logz.io offers customer success and technical support from our team of experts.