FAQ – https://Microsoft.com

Q1: What is Microsoft?
A1: Microsoft is a global technology company that produces a range of products and services focused on cloud computing, artificial intelligence and data management.

Q2: How do I access Microsoft products?
A2: Microsoft products can be accessed through a variety of download and subscription plans available on Microsoft.com.

Q3: Can I purchase physical copies of Microsoft products?
A3: Yes, Microsoft offers many physical products for purchase through select retailers and from the Microsoft Store.

Q4: How can I get technical support?
A4: You can find a variety of technical support options available on Microsoft.com.

Q5: Can I trial Microsoft products?
A5: Yes, some Microsoft products offer a free trial period so you can test them before making a purchase.

Q6: What can I do with my Microsoft account?
A6: Your Microsoft account can be used to access a variety of products and services including Office online, Bing and Outlook.

Q7: Does Microsoft provide educational discounts?
A7: Yes, Microsoft offers educational discounts on select products.

Q8: Does Microsoft have a customer service phone number?
A8: Yes, Microsoft has customer service phone numbers available in select countries.

Q9: What cloud storage services does Microsoft offer?
A9: Microsoft offers a suite of cloud storage and backup services such as OneDrive and Office 365.

Q10: Does Microsoft offer online classes?
A10: Yes, Microsoft offers a variety of online classes as part of its Learning platform.