FAQ – https://Splunk.com

1. What is Splunk?
Answer: Splunk is a software platform that powers Operational Intelligence. It collects, monitors and analyzes machine data to enable businesses to make better decisions, improve service levels, and detect problems faster.

2. What types of data can Splunk ingest?
Answer: Splunk can ingest virtually any type of data, including: logs, metrics, analytics, events, and more.

3. Is Splunk open source?
Answer: No, Splunk is proprietary software.

4. Does Splunk provide an on-premise solution?
Answer: Yes, Splunk offers both on-premise and cloud-based solutions.

5. Does Splunk have a free trial?
Answer: Yes, Splunk provides a free trial of its software.

6. How much does Splunk cost?
Answer: Splunk pricing depends on the number of users, data ingested, data processed, and other factors.

7. Does Splunk have good customer support?
Answer: Yes, Splunk offers reliable customer support and onboarding assistance.

8. Does Splunk integrate with other software?
Answer: Yes, Splunk integrates with a range of third-party platforms and systems.

9. What type of data analysis can Splunk provide?
Answer: Splunk can provide real-time analytics, predictive analytics, data mining, and many other forms of data analysis.

10. Does Splunk offer any security features?
Answer: Yes, Splunk includes built-in security and risk mitigation features such as role-based access and data privacy safeguards.