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    • About is an artificial intelligence (AI) technology company founded in 2016 with the mission to provide better computer vision and understanding of the digital world for the end user. It is comprised of a team of highly innovative and experienced professionals with a deep knowledge of machine learning and computer vision. The company has developed a platform which enables customers to create application-specific AI models that can be used to automate their workflows and increase productivity.

      The primary focus of is computer vision, which is a branch of AI that enables machines to understand and recognize objects from images. This way, it is possible to automate manual processes and improve accuracy and performance in tasks that require object detection. has developed a versatile suite of technologies including: a webcam-based facial recognition system, a camera system that can detect humans and objects in an area, and a machine vision-based image processing and analysis solution. has also recently developed a platform that uses an AI model to detect various types of objects in images, such as animals, people, and products.

      The benefits associated with are numerous. Firstly, it significantly boosts productivity. As manual processes are automated, businesses can complete their tasks faster. Secondly, it increases accuracy and efficiency as AI models eliminate the need for manual interventions. Third, it helps businesses to detect and recognize objects in images quicker and more accurately. This is especially beneficial for tasks involving object recognition and understanding of digital data. Lastly, it allows for improved decision-making via computer vision-based analysis and the provision of timely insights.

      The typical user of would mainly be businesses, such as retail, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and marketing that require improved efficiency and accuracy via automated processes. However, consumers may also benefit as can be used for things such as facial recognition and digital data analysis applications. is owned by the Industries Ltd., which is a privately held company based in London, UK. The company was founded in 2016 with the aim to help businesses bridge the gap between manual tasks and automated technology.

      Overall, is an innovative and powerful tool that is transforming the way businesses use AI to automate their workflows and increase productivity. It has proven to be a valuable asset for companies looking to streamline their processes and leverage the potential of computer vision. With its easy-to

      Alternatives to

      1. Amazon Lex: Amazon Lex is an artificial intelligence-powered conversational interface that powers chatbots for customer service, recommendations and more. Pros: Easy to use; Low cost; Amazon supports a large selection of languages; Supports integration with existing systems. Cons: Not as feature-rich as some other tools; Limited scalability.

      2. Watson Assistant: Watson Assistant is an AI-powered customer service platform from IBM. Pros: Feature-rich; Capable of handling complex conversations; Works with several languages; Includes a comprehensive dashboard for monitoring activity. Cons: Complex to set up; High levels of customization can be expensive.

      3. Dialogflow: Dialogflow is a Google-owned conversational AI platform. Pros: Powerful and scalability; Integration with Google Assistant; Possibility of Manual conversation integration; Secure and robust platform. Cons: Complex setup process; AI can learn to rely on easily configured rules instead of making decisions; Limited language support.

      FAQ –

      1. What is
      Answer: is an artificial intelligence development platform that focuses on deep learning algorithms and methods for natural language processing. It is designed to give developers tools to build intelligent applications that can understand natural language queries and inputs.

      2. How does work?
      Answer: works to create machine learning models from the data collected so applications can accurately interpret natural language queries. It then enables developers to integrate the models into their applications to create natural language processing and dialogue capabilities.

      3. What kind of applications can I create with
      Answer: You can create applications with natural language processing capabilities such as conversational chatbots, customer service systems, language translation platforms, text analytics and more.

      4. What are the benefits of using
      Answer: has many benefits, including reducing the cost of development, making the development process faster, and ensuring accuracy with the use of deep learning algorithms.

      5. Is open source?
      Answer: No, is a proprietary platform.

      6. Does offer support services?
      Answer: Yes, offers support services for developers who are building their applications using the platform.

      7. How do I get started with
      Answer: You can get started with by visiting the website and signing up for an account.

      8. How much does cost?
      Answer: Pricing plans vary depending on your specific use case and application needs. You can contact the team to get an estimate for your project.

      9. What is included in the plans?
      Answer: Depending on the plan, you can get access to various tools, libraries and resources to develop your natural language processing applications.

      10. Are there any tutorials or guides available for
      Answer: Yes, has detailed tutorials on their website and YouTube channel to help you get started with the platform.


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