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      Pingboard is an online organizational platform used to manage employee relationships in companies. It was founded in 2014 by CEO Michael Schwalb, with the goal of providing organizations with the tools they need to stay connected and productive. The typical user of Pingboard is an employer or project manager who needs to stay on top of their team’s activities and relationships.

      Pingboard’s goal is to allow teams to grow their companies, increase efficiency and improve customer relationships. It does this by providing employers with a customizable system that records and stores employee data, including contact information, job titles, biographical information, and more. This information can then be used to create visual org charts, assign tasks, track attendance, see project progress and recognize achievements.

      Pros of Pingboard include the ability to manage employee data quickly and easily. It is user-friendly and intuitive make it easy to navigate and access stored information. Also, its ability to create visual org charts and store employee data allow employers to plan strategically. Lastly, its various collaboration and communication tools can be helpful to teams.

      Cons of Pingboard include the fact that it is designed mainly for larger companies, so smaller companies may not get the full value. Furthermore, it has limited attendance tracking capabilities compared to other software programs. Additionally, customization options are limited.

      All in all, Pingboard is an effective organizational platform for larger companies that can help increase efficiency and improve customer relationships. Despite a few minor drawbacks, it’s a great resource for employers to get organized and stay connected with their team.

      Alternatives to

      1. Asana: Pros – Intuitive and easy-to-use interface; allows groups to quickly share task lists and project status; great integration with other applications. Cons – Limited customization; pricing structure might be too steep for some businesses.

      2. Trello: Pros – Comprehensive organization and collaboration features; ability to create multiple boards and to integrate with other platforms; free version available. Cons – Limited ability for team collaboration; advanced features require a paid account.

      3. Basecamp: Pros – Easy project management; simple and intuitive interface; excellent customer service. Cons – Limited customization; team communication features are somewhat limited; pricing structure might be too steep for some businesses.

      4. Wrike: Pros – Comprehensive project management features; ability to collaborate with team members; comprehensive reporting and analytics. Cons – User interface can be a bit cluttered; pricing structure may be too steep for some businesses.

      FAQ –

      Q1. What is Pingboard?
      A1. Pingboard is an employee directory software designed to help teams stay organized, connect, and collaborate more effectively. It can be used to keep track of contact information, share resources, coordinate team-wide events, and more.

      Q2. Does Pingboard offer a free trial?
      A2. Yes, Pingboard offers a free 14-day trial to all new users.

      Q3. What types of payment does Pingboard accept?
      A3. Pingboard accepts major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) as well as payments through PayPal. Additionally, annual billing plans can be requested and paid by bank transfer.

      Q4. Does Pingboard offer customer support?
      A4. Yes, Pingboard offers email and live chat support.

      Q5. How secure is Pingboard?
      A5. Pingboard uses bank-grade encryption, single sign-on, and two-factor authentication to ensure that all user information is kept safe and secure.

      Q6. Does Pingboard integrate with other software?
      A6. Yes, Pingboard integrates with popular platforms such as Slack, G Suite, and Microsoft Office 365.

      Q7. What size businesses can use Pingboard?
      A7. Pingboard is designed for any size business, from small startups to large companies.

      Q8. How customizable is Pingboard?
      A8. Pingboard offers a variety of customization options, including custom fields, roles, permissions, and more.

      Q9. Does Pingboard offer a mobile app?
      A9. Yes, Pingboard offers both an iOS and Android app.

      Q10. Does Pingboard have a referral program?
      A10. Yes, Pingboard offers a referral program that rewards existing customers for recommending their services to new customers.


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